Gardenersbud’s Roots

How did Gardenersbud come to be?

I have been around horses from a very young age.  Huh? What’s that got to do with compost you ask? Let me continue…  My parents had horses when I was a child and I guess they (the horses) got under my skin.   My parents also had a significant garden every year.  The combination of horses and gardening is the foundation for Gardenersbud.  When I ventured out on my own of course, I left my parents farm.  I pursued a career in Engineering but I always had a garden when I could.  I finally bought my own lot of land large enough for horses in the year 2000.   I have been using horse manure for making compost and putting it in my garden every year.  I have found that compost is the best stuff there is to amend soil that may otherwise not grow anything more than grass or the toughest of weeds.  I have given compost away to family and friends for years.  A few years ago (I think it was 2014) I attempted to collect methane during the composting process of horse manure.  Instead of just piling the waste on the ground, I put it in a sealed horse water tank.  I collected a small amount of methane, enough to play with but not really enough to do anything significant with.  There was some disappointment as that experiment was over.  I had left the lid off the tank and it had filled with rain water as months went by without my attention.  Finally, at some point I decided that I’d like to use the tank for actually watering horses.  I discovered though, a tank full of the finest compost I had ever seen.  As I dug out a corner and started to bucket out some of the liquid I stopped and realized that was actually ‘compost tea’ that I had heard of but never had really used myself.  I decided to pour it in my garden and around my flower beds and trees.  I saw a noticeable difference in just about everything that year.  Even better than compost alone.  As that year drew to winter, I decided to go ahead and refill that old tank with horse manure again and repeat the process.  The following year I found the same results, great compost, and great compost tea!  In 2016, the industry in which all my Engineering experience is, started a very downward trend.  It hasn’t improved and doesn’t look to get better anytime soon. I decided to sell the products that I had sort of accidentally discovered.   It seems to be moving ok, giving me a small supplemental income.  Here’s to hopes that people who purchase Gardenersbud’s compost and compost tea find it to be as great as I have.

Kevin Thyfault
of Gardenersbud

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