Early Spring Weather

Spring may be called that because of the nature of ‘springs’.  Flexibility.  Cold, warm, rain, snow, sleet, or nothing at all. Quick changes to surprise and/or disappoint you. Or, maybe ‘springs’ are called that because they are similar to that season’s weather. 😉   Either way, we are at the mercy of mother nature as winter and summer play tug-o-war with the weather.  The seasonal shift happens to most all of us, just a month or two different depending on where you are.  It’s just a nuisance to a lot of people in that they are just deciding what clothes to wear.  For gardeners, it is that plus more.  It can cost money and time.  It’s a gamble pretty much every year to plant early, but there can also be a negative effect if you plant too late.  I have only a couple of suggestions on how to deal with this phenomenon.  Think, ‘Ke Sera Sera’ (whatever will be will be).  My philosophy on the risk is that to not gamble more than I am willing to lose.  One can hedge the risk.  That is, plant a few things that are expendable early, and then follow it up some time later when the risks of destructive weather are less likely.

Happy Spring to you.
Kevin T. of Gardenersbud

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